Team 7157

Team 7157 is a group of high school students who work together to compete in the annual FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).

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Our Mission:

The unique circumstances provided by FIRST allow students to surmount tremendous challenges and showcase their effort on an international scale. Through their participation in FIRST Robotics Competition, students learn how to work in a team environment and collaborate in a competitive setting in order to build a robot in a short span of 6 weeks. Participating in Team 7157 allows students to gain experience in the STEM fields as well as business in a world that’s becoming increasingly reliant on technological innovations. Our team inspires an excitement in STEM at our school and local community, and the indispensable knowledge gained through this opportunity carries with students as they go on to study in the future.

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Why Should You Join Us?
Develop Technical Skills

Members of our team have the opportunity to get hands-on experience with engineering tools and software as well as work with professional mentors.

Learn About Business

All funds are student managed, meaning that members of the team handle finances by themselves and apply for grants and sponsorships.

Fun Experience

Robotics is the "hardest fun you'll ever have!"

Truly, it is worth the time and effort!

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