How to Sponsor Us

Basic Benefits

- Instagram Shoutout

- Company Logo and Tier on Website 

Contact Us

Email us at mubotics7157@gmail.com

More Benefits

- Company Logo on (robot, shirts, pit banner)

- Invitation to End of Year Celebration

More Details

What Your Contribution Means to Us

Travel Fees

Your contribution will allow students to travel for out of state competitions and help cover lodging fees.

Provide Sustenance

The average meeting during build season can last 6+ hours. Your contribution will provide students with dinner and water.

Inspire Children

Our mission is to inspire children to pursue careers in the STEM field. Your contribution will allow us to build robots, teach kids, and compete.

Donate Through Our Mealtrain




$2500 - 4999


$1000 - 2499


$500 - 999