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Our Origins

Team 7157 began as a rookie FRC team operating out of Brea Olinda High School with little to no resources, leading to a robot built in a mentor’s garage equipped with only a drill press, and a table saw.

In spite of these setbacks, μBotics functioned as distinguished OC Regional semi-finalist, recipient of the “Rookie All-Star Award,” and competitor at the 2018 World Championships within their first year.



After a successful first season, Team 7157 expanded its reach to Fullerton, working with students from there. Continuing their local STEM enrichment, μbotics mentors the Junior High’s VEX team and Fanning Elementary School’s FIRST Lego League Program, helping host a local Vex competition in May of 2022.


Our Future

At the beginning of the 2022 build season, Team 7157 moved into a facility at Brea Olinda High School. That year they won the Imagery Award and Regional Finalists at all three regionals they participated in. Qualifying for worlds that year, they returned to Houston for the first time in five years where they got quarterfinalists in their division. They are currently working on expanding their new machine shop and outreach to new members of the community.

First Robotics Competition


First Robotics Competition (FRC) is a high school robotics competition in which students have 6 weeks to create a fully functional robot form the ground up. Starting over two decades ago, the competition has continued to expand with over 3000 teams participating, annually. 


Once build season starts, students utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design) to create 3D designs of parts and full robot assemblies which are then manufactured.


To actually get the robot moving, the team must write the code for controlling the Robot. Students are responsible for managing and writing all of the software.

Assembly and Manufacturing

Students work together to bring their robot design to life, using power tools and machinery under the supervision of professional adults.

Business and Logistics

All funds are student managed. This gives members an opportunity to practice applying for grants, handling finances, and using professional communication skills.

2023 Season


Our 2023 season has been our best season by far. With our extraordinary display of our efforts and success this year, we have achieved a lot this past season. Despite the hardships, our team never gave up and in the end, had great results. From this season, we found how much potential this team has with our teamwork and unending motivation with the years to come. 


Houston Worlds 2023

We made it to worlds and achieved 3rd place in our division. We were chosen by team 1730 (Team Driven) with 1540 (Flaming Chickens) and 1425 (Error Code Xero)

Aerospace Valley Regional


We achieved 1st place and gained a blue banner in Aerospace Valley Regional. We got first pick and chose teams 4414 (High Tide) and 7042 (Poly Rabbotics). 

Brea Olinda High School

Brea, California

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