2023 FRC Season - CHARGED UP


Charged Up

The 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) theme, "Charged Up," centers around the concept of renewable energy and sustainability. Teams will be challenged to design and build robots that can navigate a dynamic playing field while efficiently collecting and utilizing renewable energy sources to complete various tasks. This theme encourages students to explore innovative solutions for addressing the global energy crisis and highlights the importance of sustainable technology in shaping our future.

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Tai Lung

  -Drivetrain: 4-wheel Swerve Drive

  -Weight: 125lbs

  -Dimensions: 26"x26"x48"



  -Robot Abilities:
     -Ground intake cones & cubes
     -Deployable fork
     -65° Angled Elevator
     -Wristed intake

Season Stats

Orange County Regional

Rank 2
Record: 12-2-0

Aerospace Valley Regional

Rank 1
Record: 15-1-1
Regional Winners

Johnson Division

Rank 41
Record: 6-8-0

Off-Season Stats