2022 FRC Season - RAPID REACT


Rapid React

The 2022 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) theme, "Rapid React," focused on promoting agility and adaptability in robotics design. Teams were challenged to construct robots capable of quickly responding to a fast-paced game, emphasizing the need for speed, precision, and strategic decision-making. The theme encouraged students to think on their feet and develop innovative solutions in a dynamic and competitive environment, reflecting the real-world demand for rapid problem-solving and agility in technology and industry.


  -Drivetrain: 4-wheel Swerve Drive

-Weight: 105lbs

-Dimensions: 30"x30"x24"

-Robot Abilities:
    -2-stage High Climb
    -4-bar intake

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 9.31.07 PM

Season Stats

Orange County Regional

Rank 6
Record: 11-6-1
Regional Finalist

Sacramento Regional

Rank 4
Record: 12-5-0
Regional Finalists

Los Angeles Regional

Rank 3

Record: 13-4-0
Regional Finalists

Newton Division

Rank 7
Record: 7-4-1

Off-Season Stats

Chezy Champs

Rank 12
Record: 7-5-0

Tidal Tumble

Rank 6
Record: 11-6-0

Beach Blitz

Rank 1
Record: 11-4-0