2020/2021 FRC Season - INFINITE RECHARGE


Infinite Recharge

The 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) theme, "Infinite Recharge," revolved around a futuristic scenario where robots were tasked with restoring power to a city's energy grid by shooting foam balls into various targets, all while navigating an arena filled with obstacles. This game challenged FRC teams to design and build robots capable of efficiently collecting and launching these foam balls, requiring a combination of accuracy, speed, and strategic gameplay. The theme highlighted the importance of sustainable energy solutions and teamwork in addressing global energy challenges.


  -Drivetrain: 6-wheel West Coast (two-speed)

  -Weight: 125lbs

  -Dimensions: 30"x30"x42"

  -Robot Abilities:
    -Double-flywheel shooter
    -Telescoping climber
    -Custom Vision System
    -270° Turret


Season Stats

Del Mar Regional

Rank 29
Record: 4-5-0
Creativity Award

Off-Season Stats