2018 FRC Season - POWER UP


Power Up

The 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) game was titled "FIRST Power Up." In this game, robots had to place power cubes onto balancing scales and switches to control them, as well as deliver power cubes to their alliance's vault. The theme was inspired by early video games, and it challenged teams to strategize and work together effectively to gain control of the game elements and achieve objectives, showcasing their engineering and programming skills while emphasizing cooperation and strategic planning.


  -Drivetrain: 6-wheel West Coast

  -Weight: 105lbs

  -Dimensions: 26"x34"x24"

  -Robot Abilities:
    -Cube launching mechanism
    -Compressible intake

Season Stats

Orange County Regional

Rank 28
Record: 7-7-0
Rookie All Star Award

Hopper Division

Rank 51
Record: 6-4-0

Off-Season Stats

LA Fleet Battleship Blast

Record: 8-2-0

Beach Blitz

Rank 30
Record: 4-6-0