2024 FRC Season - CRESCENDO



The 2024 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) theme, "Crescendo," centers around the concept of music and concerts. Teams will be challenged to design and build robots that can navigate a dynamic playing field while efficiently collecting and shooting Notes into goals and hanging on chains at the end of the match. The theme encourages teams to explore engineering and problem-solving skills related to music.



  -Drivetrain: SDS MK41 KRAKEN Swerve Drive

  -Weight: 125lbs

  -Dimensions: 26"x26"x48"



  -Robot Abilities:
     -Ground intake rings
     -Turret (360 deg Horizontal & 60 deg Vertical motion)

Season Stats

Hueneme Port Regional

Rank 13
Record: 7-6-0

Central Valley Regional

Rank 9
Record: 7-7-0
Innovation of Control Award

Orange County Regional

Rank 2
Record: 13-1-0
Regional Winners!
Autonomous Award

Daly Division

Rank 39
Record: 9-8-0
Championship Division Finalists

Off-Season Stats